College Basketball Best Bets for Today

College Basketball Best Bets

College Basketball can sometimes feel impossible because there are so many teams, so many games, and too much data to keep up with. Luckily BetQL is here to have your back and provide you college basketball best bets for every single game and every bet type. Our NCAAB best bet model tracks dozens of data points to project winners and our five star rating system makes finding a winner simple. You will see above that all of our games have a star rating which ranks games on a 1-5 scale based off how confident our best bet model is on the game, but also how much value is in the pick. Our college basketball best bet model will always try and give out our most confident and most valuable pick. Winning bets is great but if you have to risk your entire bank roll to get only a little bit of profit then you are bound to have a few bad days. BetQL attempts to limit the bad days by only providing you with best bets that have a good probability to hit and also provide good value. Keeping up with college basketball can be difficult because there are so many game and so many teams. If you are trying to play catch up and you know there are late night West coast games on the slate, but you have never seen any of the teams play then BetQL is the perfect solution. Let BetQL do you research and trust our college basketball best bets to get you a quick and easy win and back in the black. If you don't trust the best bet model yet you can check out the expert picks to see which side the pros are betting, or look at the public betting data to find out which side the public is on, which can help you craft your own bets.

College basketball is back, but if the college kids isn't your style then check out everything we have to offer with the pros . With BetQL you can find picks for every game on tonight’s NBA slate and if you want to bet a total make sure you look at our NBA model’s over under picks to find a winner. If you haven’t figured out what game you like tonight check out the most updated odds, lines, spreads and best bets for all the games on tonight, let BetQL help you win more bets with our five star plays.

College Basketball Betting Lines Explained

When someone is talking about college basketball betting lines they are talking about odds, lines, and spreads. Tracking college basketball lines can be difficult because there are just so many games every night and the spreads consistently move throughout the day. If you are tracking to track odds, lines, and spreads your self stop wasting your time. BetQL always has the most updated odds, lines, and spreads from the sportsbook so you know what you see on our site is the most recent line from the book. If you are unfamiliar with college basketball odds, lines or spreads keep reading below where we will explain each part individually.

College Basketball Odds Explained

College Basketball odds are a statistical metric that show how likely each team is to win the game, or cover the spread. When we are talking about college basketball odds we are talking about the numbers next to, or below the team name. The bigger the number next to the team name the lower the probability they have to win the game, making them the underdog. The smaller the number or more negative number is the favorite who is statistically more likely to win the game. Odds are important to sports bettors because it shows how much you will win if your team wins the bet. The typical way that college basketball odds are shown is the American format which attempts to show how much you can win by wagering $100. For example if the team you want to bet is (-200) that means you would have to risk $200 to win $100, and that means that team is heavily favored. For an underdog is may show +150, which means if you risk $100 and your team wins you would be returned $150 in profit.

Keeping up and finding value in the betting odds can be difficult but BetQL has your back. With our college basketball best bets we will always suggest the games we have the most confidence in, but also games that have value. With BetQL you will never see us recommend to risk your whole bankroll to win a small profit.

College Basketball Point Spreads Explained

A point spread is the amount that a team can win or lose the game by and still win your bet, based off which side you wagered on. Point spreads exist to attempt to balance the playing field for the sportsbook and the bettor. In most games everyone knows who will win the game, but the sportsbook has to cover themselves by decreasing the odds, what that means is you may have to wager $500 to only win $100 because the sportsbook knows that team will win. Bettors don't like to assume that much risk for that little reward so a point spread is implemented to try and balance the difference between the odds for each side. With point spreads it makes it advantageous to bet both sides of the game, and the sportsbook can evenly distribute their potential gains and losses. For example if a bad team is playing a very good team the point spread may be +/-10 which means the good team will be (-10) and the bad team will be +10, in this scenario you take the final score and either add 10 points if you bet the bad team, or subtract 10 points if you picked the good team, and if the side you bet now wins the game, your bet hits. Hopefully now you understand why college basketball point spreads are such an important part of sports betting, because it evens the playing field and it advantageous to bet on both sides. Keep reading below if you would like to read a more in depth example of how college basketball spreads work:

College Basketball Betting Example:

Michigan is playing Penn State in State College and even though Michigan is the road team they are favored to win the game and the spread is set at +/- 6. This means Michigan -6 and Penn State +6. The sports book has placed the odds at (-110) for both teams. These odds shows you that you would need to bet $110 to win $100 on Michigan and if you bet $100 on Penn State you would win $110. The sportsbook sets college basketball odds this way to make it enticing to bet both sides of the betting line. The sportsbook will also take a portion of the bet which is known as the “vig” or “juice” essentially this is like a tax you pay for the opportunity to place the bet. When betting college basketball against the spread, many sport books will allow you to “buy points”, which will change what the line is at adjusted odds. For example Michigan are -3.5 favorites to Penn State with the game being played at Penn State at -150 odds, meaning a $150 bet on Michigan -3.5 will pay out $100. You really like the Michigan to win the game, but are worried that Penn State will keep the game close and it could come down to the last possession, leading to a Michigan 3-point win, and thus they would not cover the spread. .

More Than Just Basketball

BetQL is more than just basketball picks, our tool has everything a bettor needs for the NBA, college basketball, and football. Right now you can check out our NFL expert picks or our college football expert picks to gain an edge on the sportsbook this weekend. If betting on football isn't your thing don't worry at BetQL we have the best NBA expert picks for every single game on tonight. No matter how you like to bet or what sport you want to bet, BetQL has you covered!

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